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Our technology description in 3 words:UniqueInnovativeEffective

Quality Policy

Our mission at TwoBull MediTherapy, is

  • To offer In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices through comprehensive and competitive Design, Development and Production declared and evidence based Roadmap, with the highest degree of Accuracy, Efficiency and Safety to every single potential end-user, regardless of their individual financial status, geographical location, and Academic or Training Background.
  • To provide validated Innovative Diagnostic Solutions for the Accurate and Early Diagnosis of Aortic Aneurysms, in a personalised manner for General Population as well as of High-Risk Groups, thus Preventing abrupt eruption of undiagnosed Aneurysms, enhancing the relevant Therapeutic Methodologies by early Intervention, prolonging their individual survival and improving significantly their quality of life
  • To develop, manufacture and market solely safe and effective In Vitro Diagnostic products to applicable specifications and intended uses, that meet fully National and International Standards as well as Applied relevant Regulatory Requirements.
  • To meet customers safety and satisfaction criteria and expectations without contradicting to applied and claimed National and International Standards as well as Regulatory Requirements
  • To continuously improve and optimize Company’s Quality Management System.

The above mentioned targets are accomplished through:

The above mentioned targets are accomplished through TwoBull Medi Therapy’s comprehensive and continuously updated QMS, by providing and promoting repeated training sessions for all employees along with active subcontractor’s interaction, participation and involvement, in order to ensure continuous optimisation and improvement of Company’s highly respected QMS processes.

TwoBullMediTherapy’s Top Management Team, is fully committed, whereas it undertakes the full responsibility in all aspects of this Quality Policy’s proper implementation and is solely responsible for the quality of its product, utilizing personal commitment of all its employees and represented by the Quality Management Representative, officially appointed and declared person.

TwoBull MediTherapy ensures to constantly provide the required and appropriate human and financial resources, as well as the necessary equipment to carry out the design, production, technical support, the distribution of the product(s) and finally to achieve its objectives, in a fully comprehensive manner.

TwoBullMediTherapy has developed Quality Management System, along with the associated procedures and work instructions to be complied as per EN ISO 13485:2016, as well as the European Regulation IVDR 2017/746 for in-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Devices, Annex IX, Chapter 1. Regulatory requirements always take absolute priority over customer or other business or individual Requirements.

TwoBullMediTherapy has developed and continuously implements a competitive and updated Quality Management System to demonstrate its capability to provide product (s) that meets the safety, stricter customer and regulatory requirements, consistently.

Additionally, Company’s QMS fulfils all the declared customer satisfaction targets and aims, through the effective implementation and holistic application of the system, including continual improvement and prevention of nonconformity.

TwoBullMediTherapy does not intend to introduce, release, marketing and sell any of its product(s) within the European Market, before the final official clearance and relevant certification approval of its products either by the National Competent Authority or before issuing CE mark by the designated Notified Body (-ies), respectively.



January 1, 2007

The novel mechanism was discovered. It explains how an aneurysm is created and grows and at the same time makes a diagnostic blood test possible.

Company was founded

January 3, 2016

Company was founded

Stavros and Ioannis Toumpoulis founded the company with the goal of transferring research technology to the market, for the greater good.

Proof of Concept

January 3, 2017

Analyzing 100 blood tests, drawn from patients and controls, verified the concept of the novel mechanism, which was discovered during research that started back in 2007.

Egg- Enter Grow Go

January 6, 2018

Egg- Enter Grow Go

The company participated at the Egg – Enter • Grow • Go program. Egg is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Eurobank, designed and implemented with Corallia. It’s one of the largest incubator and accelerator programs in Greece.  

Patent Application

November 6, 2018

Patent Application

An international patent application was filed, regarding the novel mechanism that describes the discovery

Pre-seed Funding

January 10, 2019

Pre-seed Funding

The company signed the first funding partnership with BigPi ventures, towards the road of realization it’s first products.

Future plans

November 12, 2022

Future plans

By the end of 2022 the company will be fully certified as a medical device manufacturer as per 13485:2016 as well as our products will be IVD CE certified and ready for launch in selected European Countries